Interior House plans

Hey all! I promised this post a while ago and time has flown by!

Michael and I have gone through a couple of incarnations of our house plans and here was the most recent thoughts for our interior homestead.

The dimensions of our would be home are 18 x 28 feet with two stories. Again, our plan was to use the TR-1600 from Home Depot as our shell so we could partition off the inside however we wanted.

To get me started I made a graph paper with our “footprint” dimensions and then made several photocopies so we could work.
This was our original downstairs plan, you walk in the front door (on the left) and you have the kitchen and dining room area. The living room you can see the couch and chairs. The stairs go up at the top of the drawing. The bathroom/mudroom are at the back of the house with a door going out the back.


While thinking about placement of the wood burning cook stove, we decided to flip the living room and kitchen space so the heat would be available from the middle of the house. You can see the switch above. We would use the same bathroom/mudroom space show in the first image above. You can also see there are doors leading out from both sides of the floorplan. These lead to the storeroom/pantry (north facing) and the greenhouse (south facing). Another reason for moving the kitchen is because you want your kitchen and bath to be as close as possible. This saves money and headache when it comes to laying the plumbing. 🙂


Here is the upstares. We have two larger rooms with a stair, landing and hall closet. I wanted at least one spare room in case the kids or someone else came to visit. You can see the master bedroom in the lower right corner of the image. The smallish circles is our LED lighting plan.


Downstairs LED lighting plan.

So there you have it. Our plans so far. Of course these are fluid and changeable as new ideas, obstacles, opportunities come up.

If you have any ideas, thoughts, building plans or experiences, please post them in the comments. We will take all the helpful ideas we can get. 🙂


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