No More Chickens (except)…

I have already written about our brood of chickens (and here). We have

Buff Orpington
white leghorn
White Leghorn

Buff Orpington and White Leghorn, and a couple of cross breeds between the two that a mamma hatched and raised on her own.

Now Michael says he want a new batch of Ameraucana chickens. He misses the funny colored eggs.

Ameraucana are also known as Easter egg chickens. They can lay either pink, blue, or green eggs, and you never know which kind you will get. They also have neat little tufts of feathers that stick out from their heads and the rest of their plumage is also very attractive and unique. And the Roosters are something else.

The problem is, we have 15 chickens already and produce dozens more eggs than we can consume per week! Roughly 1 dozen per day. So we definitely don’t want MORE chickens.

Luckily we have Craigslist in our area.

It is very useful, because you can often find excess building materials for cheep, free firewood, free compost, and even farm animals.

So we sold the last of our Leghorns and the cross breeds to someone on Craigslist. 5 chickens down, so now Michael can go find some Ameraucanas….


He found turkeys instead! 🙂




5 thoughts on “No More Chickens (except)…

  1. Hi. 🙂 NPIP Easter Egger breeder here. I’d just like to post a quick clarification to a very common and extremely frustrating misconception about Easter Eggers. Ameraucanas are not Easter Eggers. Ameraucanas are an American Poultry Association registered breed of chicken that comes in several (feather) color varieties and was developed very recently, in the 1970’s. These birds have a specific breed standard that calls for a certain size/shape of bird, and requires that all Ameraucanas have slate legs, fluffy beards and feather muffs, have full tails and lay BLUE and only blue eggs. They come in several official colors. These are blue, black, wheaten, blue wheaten, silver buff, white and brown-red. Splash Ameraucanas are not showable but also common and usually considered “pure” as they are the same genetics that produce blue and black and a flock containing all three is likely to be labeled “BBS” (for blue, black, splash).
    Easter eggers are a mutt chicken, and can be a mix between any blue egg laying breed including Ameraucanas, Araucanas (a tail-less breed of chicken with no beard), cream legbars, or a mix of these breeds. Many easter eggers are advertised and sold as Ameraucanas (or they miss-spell the name to something like Americana), even by large hatcheries, but this is disingenuous and harmful to chicken raisers everywhere. Easter Eggers are colorful mutt egg layers and may lay eggs of any color (though they are commonly crossed with a blue egg layer and SHOULD lay a blue, green or blue-tinted egg that may look pink). They are extremely diverse birds with no breed standard and tend to be hardy, cold tolerant layers… But have no set mix and so could be just about anything. Additionally, Easter Egger can be a term used for unrecognized color varieties of Ameraucana (such as Lavender). For example, my rooster is a Wheaten Ameraucana, and my hens are BBS ameraucanas, Australorps, golden buffs and leghorns. The offspring of ALL of these birds are considered “easter eggers”, even though my rooster and some of my hens are all Ameraucanas. Also, because my rooster is a purebred Ameraucana, he carries two copies of the “blue” egg laying gene and will always pass one down. Therefore, I know that all my chicks will lay blue or green eggs. An easter egger mixed with another easter egger may not produce blue egg laying chicks.

    This does not make either one superior. Golden buffs (AKA; cherry eggers, golden comets, red sex links, etc) are also a mixed breed and are some of the most docile, hardy, high-production brown egg layers you can get your hands on. The unique colors, varieties and hybrid vigor of EEs can be a great boon. But they are different than Ameraucanas and are not a “breed”. And it’s very frustrating for breeders to try to sort through that terminology, and allows for huge scams selling EEs as Ameraucanas. Mypetchicken is one of the biggest sources for selling mutt EEs as purebred Ameraucanas to unwitting chicken owners across the country. Buying Ameruacanas is buyer beware and do your homework! Lots of people sell EEs as Ameraucanas! And until everyone knows the difference it’s bad for buyers and breeders alike.


        1. I totally get it. I am a novice at chickens. I feed them, if they breed I’m happy. That’s it. I did buy them originally from Cackle Hatchery. My husband did some net searching I think that’s where we got the Easter Egg chickens idea from. Glad to have an expert so close at hand! Thanks again! 🙂

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