Garden Updates – Volunteers


One thing I love about gardening is volunteers!  I am not talking about people helping in the garden for free… I am talking about something very different.  {Editor’s note; She is a fan of free helpers too! }

I am talking about volunteer plants! This is a very real phenomena where veggie plants just randomly grow in your yard because they WANT to! 😉

Well, honestly they grow because we fed something to the chickens and not all the seeds were eaten. Or they may have been left from previous years, and never were able to grow until now.

I remember one year we had volunteer tomatillo and swiss chard (which wasn’t so much a volunteer as they just never died). There was so much that I was able to can 4 quarts of chile verde sauce, and 4 quarts of greens with bacon and onion!

I am convinced that tomatoes are the tastiest of weeds, because it seems that not even 3 years of chickens pecking away at them can kill a tomato plant completely. This year we have  22 tomato plant volunteers so far.

Michael dug them up out of the old chicken pen area and planted them all in our garden bed. We have no idea what type of tomatoes they are; we could have several varieties. All I hope is they yield enough for some great canning!


Please post comments or links below with some great tomato canning recipes. 🙂 I’ll take all I can get. 🙂






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