Property Updates

Got to spend a weekend at the property!  It was so nice to walk around and envision what things might look like. I am including some photos.

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We learned a LOT from this trip.  We  have a couple more challenges that
need to be overcome.

  1. Where we put the cabin will determine how much the septic might cost and  also determine how much the road will cost.
    1. There is no way to make much of a guess on cost at this point. The septic alone could run anywhere from $5000 to $20,000! That is a huge difference to try to wrap your brain around.
  2. Getting to the home sites from the road will be problematic due to standing moisture in the ground. This will cost extra for materials to strengthen the soil or bridge the wet areas.
    1. So where once, Michael had thought he could get the road done himself, now we are looking at needing professional help. $$$.
  3. We may want to build the cabin from scratch rather than use a shell.
    1. It might be cheaper in the long run, and sturdier.
    2. We are also looking at less square footage with more outbuildings for storage. This will give us less room to heat, and less living square footage on our property taxes.image
  4. Despite having great soil, it will be harder to grow things than we expected. Frost can happen just about every month during the growing season.
  5. We will need to find ways to protect our orchards when they blossom, and possibly plant enough trees to put up 5 years worth of produce.
    1. Many trees will only produce once every 3-5 years if not properly protected.
    2. We are newbies, so I am guessing we will mess this up and have to deal with missed production seasons.
Great Soil!

It was a lot to take in. I was greatly disheartened by all the “bad news”. I was beginning to regret our choice of location. After all, there are many other more hospitable places we could have chosen, right?

But then I got a hold of myself. Each perceived problem, is just another learning curve to overcome. An opportunity to grow. Hundreds of people manage to grow fruits and vegetables in this area, and we can learn. We can always plant enough trees to make do in case we have unproductive years.

Michael is already busy building us several greenhouse frames to extend our growing season and to protect our plants. There is even the chance of growing potted citrus trees which we can keep in the greenhouse in the winter. We were told many people are very successful at this.

Another plus, our neighbor already had his properties surveyed.  We will need to pay a surveyor to find one last corner of the property. I am a very clear-cut person, and I like everything delineated and specific whenever possible. Not knowing what truly belongs to us out here, and not knowing (by a difference of 10s of thousands of dollars, really makes me uneasy. I will be happy to start checking some of these things off my list.

Happy Dog, wore out chasing chipmunks. 🙂

Our next step is to head up to the property in May equipped with long stakes and flag tape.  Marking  each of the possible house locations  and where we think the road might go, so we can get the test holes dug for the septic and get an estimate for road construction.

That’s gonna be a busy weekend. 🙂


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