Food Storage Taste Test – Augason Farms

Back AGAIN!!! 🙂 Taste test number 3 – Augason Farms Stroganoff and Pasta Alfredo

Just to recap, we began this taste test for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to augment our canned goods with more variety. Keep things interesting in case this was all we had to eat.
  2. Add greater longevity/shelf life to our food stores.
  3. Possibly find an alternative backpacking food to assist with our food rotation.
  4. Because of all the above, I wanted to stock something that tasted good (or at least good enough)

In our first post (found here) we talked about the differences between the 4 brands we are reviewing for this purpose.

Brand Calories/$ Shelf Life  Cook Time and Methods
Wise Foods 211.12 25 yrs Add to boiled water, remove from heat and sit 12-15 min.
Legacy 152.63 25 yrs Simmer for 12-15 minutes
Mountain House 93.43 12+ yrs Add boiling water to pouch, seal and await 10-15 minutes.
Augason Farms 267.93 20 yrs Simmer for 12-20 minutes.

Also, check out our taste test number 2 of Wise Co. foods HERE.

On to our Augason Farms review.

First things first…
imageSince we had somewhere to be later in the evening, we didn’t have time to cook a full meal. We decided to make both dishes for this taste test at the same time.

The Pasta Alfredo cooked up fairly well at the start. It thickened almost immediately and had a nice enough smell. I could tell fairly quickly that the noodles weren’t cooking properly, but gave it the full 15 minutes of cook time that the directions called for.

I had high hopes for this one.


imageOn the other hand, the stroganoff was VERY brown. I have never seen a brown stroganoff before, so that alone was off-putting. And while cooking, it never seemed to quite thicken.  It stayed very runny, even though I cooked it probably a little warmer than was called for in the directions.

Also, the stroganoff had an unpleasant odor compared with the alfredo.

Not to sure about this one, but on to the taste test. 🙂


Tried the alfredo first since it was done and I wanted to give the stroganoff a chance to thicken off the burner. Once again we have a very bland, paste-y experience, only this time it is coupled with extremely chewy, under-cooked noodles. Only my daughter was eating hartily, and when questioned all she can say about it is, “It’s food, I’m hungry.” 13 year olds….

Michael and I both agree that this is by far the worst cream pasta dish of all we have tried so far.

That was until the stroganoff… I supposed we could say that this stroganoff isn’t really a creamy pasta dish. It ended up more like a noodles with gravy type mess. When I put the spoon to my mouth I had a physical reaction! I shuddered and made a face and I may have sworn.  I can’t repeat what my husband had to say about it, and even my 13-year-old wouldn’t touch it after the first bite.

I will say…it tasted like too much bullion, with something sour, and then burned it while managing to still have chewy, sticky, under cooked noodles.

We went through drive through for our dinner.

I am somewhat depressed  I have a bucket of this brand food. It may not make it into the next stage of taste tests.

Let me know if the comments if you have had any experience with food storage brands, and what your experience was. 🙂


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