Food Storage Meals Taste Test – Wise Co.

A good food storage plan involves things that you WANT to eat. No one wants to spend an already miserable time eating food that makes them even more unhappy. Keep in mind the  questionable taste of prepackaged foods.  Knowing that it will NOT taste like gourmet, home cooked, or even  roach coach flavor. We cannot delude ourselves. So we ask, “is this something I could be comfortable eating if I had to”. Right now is the time to decide. We have the ability to choose, to taste test, and to find alternatives. We can afford to be picky.

Let’s recap the caparisons between the different brands:

Calories per dollar

  • Wise Foods = 211.12
  • Legacy = 152.63
  • Mountain House = 93.43
  • Augason Farms = 267.93

So if calories per dollar is your only objective then Augason Farms is the way to go.

Cook Time and Methods (abbreviated)

  • Wise Foods = Add to boiled water, remove from heat and sit 12-15 min.
  • Legacy = simmer for 12-15 minutes.
  • Mountain House = Add boiling water to pouch, seal and await 10-15 minutes.
  • Augason Farms = Simmer for 12-20 minutes.

So, If fuel savings is your objective, then Wise or Mountain House are equal in efficiency.

Shelf Life (pouches only)

  • Wise Food = 25 yrs
  • Legacy = 25 yrs
  • Mountain House = 12+ yrs
  • Augason Farms = 20 yrs

Based on this, you might choose Wise or Legacy if longevity is your main concern. Which might be if you don’t plan to rotate your food stores.

Packaging and portability

Mountain House has an advantage over Wise because you can prepare it in its own bag. So if you are concerned with portability and cleanliness on the move, the Mountain House is the only contender, specially for backpacking at least.

With this in mind, I bring you our second taste test: Wise Company Emergency Food Supplies; Savory Stroganoff and Rotini Pasta with Vegetables. 

We ate this for our dinner. We wanted to try to make a real meal, but keeping with the food storage theme, we used only canned goods. We added canned roast beef (voila Beef Stroganoff!) and canned peas.

For equality of the taste test, we made sure to taste the stroganoff by itself.  The same paste-y flavor, maybe slightly better than the Legacy Brand. We  all agreed that if we were STARVING, we could eat this, but it was pretty bland.

Adding the meat and peas was a VAST improvement over the stroganoff alone. If this were a real life situation I imagine this would be how we would eat these meals , so it made a nice “dry run” experiment.

The second Wise Co. food we chose was the Creamy Pasta with Vegetable Rotini. This one  tasted like the insides of a pot pie, but with no meat. It had a little bit of  kick of black pepper, a pleasant change from the other bland flavors. So far, this flavor from this brand is our favorite.

Another benefit of the Wise foods over Legacy, (or a couple of the other brands in our first post), is that Wise Company meals require no actual cooking. Just add the package contents to boiled water,then let sit for 15 minutes. This could be critical  in an emergency situation.  Fuel will likely be limited to what you have on hand.

We would take Wise Company foods over Legacy so far.I also just discovered that Wise Co. has a line of backpacking, cook in the pouch style meals that include meat. So you may see a future post strictly comparing Wise backpacking foods to Mountain House.


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