A Place to Call Home

There are lots of things that need to be done before we can build our house, but we bought the property in October of 2015, and had a complete winter to wait for snow and cold temps to run their course before we could go back up and enjoy our space.

During that time, I began researching possible cabin plans for us to build our house. Neither my husband nor I are contractors, but I must say that my hubby is very handy. He can run wiring and plumbing and build basic interior walls, door ways, etc., among many other useful skills, but exterior construction makes him cringe. ​

Then he discovered that Tough Shed of all companies made these “Cabin Shells“, and at first that seemed like the ideal solution. They build the entire cabin with interior walls, windows, etc. They are rather expensive however so we kept looking – we had plenty of time after all. We really liked the idea of having a prefab, kit, or shell type cabin built that we could then configure the inside to our liking, so we looked at many options: Amish Cabin Company, log cabin kit companies, etc.  I ran several google searches on various styles of tough shed cabins, and watched a few YouTube videos on how to turn a shed into a cabin.
Example of TR-1600 Cabin

Then I stumbled across the TR-1600 Shed from Home Depot. They range in size from 16×20 to 18×32. They are two story with the stairs included, and  for the 18×28 size that we want, they run not quite $20,000 baseline including windows, paint and roofing. It reminds me of an old colonial style house, and I just love it.

Because we are practical people by necessity, we can’t let all that wall space go to waste. So we plan to situate our house so that the front door is at one end, and the back door is at the other. Off the sides of the house we will situate a pantry to the North to take advantage of the natural shade provided by the second story. To the South we will build a green house which will act not just as a greenhouse, but as a permanent herb garden for the kitchen, and extra insulation during the winter.

Another TR-1600 example

We will have roughly 1000 square feet of living space. We have already laid out the interior plans crudely on graph paper so that we will have two bedrooms (one will double as a sewing room), a kitchen complete with wood burning stove, two bathrooms, and a mudroom.

I am truly excited to see this house take shape. In our timeline, the shell will hopefully be built some time next summer (2017). It all depends on when we can get the septic and leach fields in, and the well dug.

Next time I will talk about the floor plan and how we came to some of our decisions for that.


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