Fundraising Mayhem

UPDATE: I have created my Etsy page and have added a few more fundraising items to it!
Nysia’s Crochet, Crafts and More!

As I mentioned last month, my daughter was accepted to join the People to People Ambassadors next summer on a trip to London and Paris.  The trip is pricey however so she and I have been on serious fundraiser mode to help her raise money. One of my projects (since I have become “hooked” on crochet!) is a beautiful purse…

I have received several orders for these purses, and that has kept me very busy! They are selling for $45.

On top of that, my daughter has been selling candy bars, and that has been the easiest for her so far.I am also working on these bracelets, which I have told her I can make and sell these for $5 in case her friends ask. 🙂

Another project I have her working on are these Christmas ornaments. She cuts and whole punches these cards and I crochet the frames and loops.These have been fun to make and We hope to sell them next weekend door to door, along with others I have plans for us to make.
These are $2 for one or 2 for $3.
Needless to say we have been very very busy and this has taken much of our focus!
If anyone would like to donate to her trip, you can do so here: Angelica’s Trip to Europe.
If anyone donates $350, I will crochet them their very own Sampler Afghan in the colors of their choice similar to the one I crocheted my daughter. You can see that here: Angelica’s AfghanDepending on how may donations I get will depend on how soon I can get you your afghan. They take approx 9 weeks to complete.
I am working on an Etsy page for these projects as well.

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