A’s Afghan

Back in August I decided that I needed to take up crochet again.  I had worked previously making a few scarves and then tackling a larger project that I had to keep frogging (unraveling) and became frustrated and quit for about 2 years.

So in August of this year, I went online and gathered patterns for beginners, did blog searches for tutorials and even search facebook for groups… I found this great group of crochet-ers on facebook, the, Craft Crochet Community, that were working on a CAL (Crochet A Long) of 12 inch squares. I loved the idea of having smaller projects I could work on on the road.


Now at this same time I had just finished redecorating my daughters room and we needed to cover her blanket or come up with something so her bedspread would match her room.  Hey… I can make an afghan from the CAL squares to match my daughters new bedroom! She loved the idea…

Each time I made a square she would tell me it was the most beautiful square she had seen yet, she wanted to pull out all my squares and lay them out to look at them and hold them…
It was a huge learning experience for me because just about each square taught me a different kind of stitch, and showed me different ways patterns are put together and written. It also taught me that yarn barf sucks… If you don’t know what yarn barf is yet, it is that clump of tangled yarn you sometimes get out of the center of your skein while you are trying to work.  All progress stops as you untangle this mess…
Never the less, I managed to get my first ever crochet afghan finished! It is wonderful to look at and I am so proud of my accomplishment. My daughter simply LOVES it and I have to fight with her to get it back so I can finish sewing in the extra threads from the color changes.

10 thoughts on “A’s Afghan

  1. It looks great I like to crochet myself. But I like how pretty each individual square looks. It is a nice relaxing pass time after a busy day I think. 🙂

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